Cast List for Beauty & the Beast

landon would like to have a rehearsal Monday, but understands if it's too tight  

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 Beauty- Sofia Rahaniotis
Beast- Luck Vayo
Prince/Grotesque- Tenessee Tarrant
Haughtense- Megan smith
Dyspepssia- Madeline Thatcher
Merchant- Bryson Dumas
Solicitor/Grotesque- Kelly Wangerg
Narrator-Janice Munk

Grotesque- Kirten Kelly
Grotesque-Savannah Roberts- Grotesque
Grotesque-Kristina Wilson
Grotesque-Larissa Anderson
Grotesque-Maggie Lea
Grotesque-Cole Lawson
Grotesque-Sean Sweeney
Grotesque-Themi Kambouris


Dayshow Company

Here is the final cast list for the dayshow company. Our first rehearsal will be Monday morning at 9:30 in the studio space

Dayshow Company

Mallory deForest

Jana Cox

Cole Lawson

Larissa Anderson

Jasmine Fullmer

Madeline Thatcher

Sean Sweeney

Meighan Smith

Landon Kraczek


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