Capital Funding Needs

Please EMAIL Executive Director, James Parker to start a dialogue.



$150,000 - Partially funded.

$70,000 to complete property improvements include wrought iron fencing, landscaping, entrance, flags/banners and lighting.


Progression - FUNDED.

Creating the spaces for 2 new theatre school rooms above the lobby.



(Naming rights on auditorium)


Contribution will eliminate the outstanding balance of the mortgage on the building providing rock hard stability for the young people who participate now and the future. We currently have a short term specialty mortgage which will mature in the spring of 2016.  



(Naming rights on auditorium)


Encompassing all proposals and an additional project of restroom services backstage for actors.


We have had many projects funded over the past two years which have been removed from this list.

Other current capital needs:

Carpet for offices $1300 - Funded

Carpet for backstage dressing areas $700 - Funded

Chiller unit for lobby drinking fountain $600

Additional Parking lot high efficiency lighting units $600 each (up to 8 needed)

Janitorial service/cleaning supplies needed for lobby bathrooms

Professional carpet cleaning 4 times/year (lobby aisles and stairs) $250/cleaning

2 awnings for North/South exits (will deflect snow from those exits) $1800 for both

Sewing/Serger Machines


Wants and Wishes

A 12'+ size box truck

Donated or discounted warehouse space 1800 - 5000+ sq ft 16' ceilings

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