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Become familiar with the story. Read it in parts or in full with your children. 

There are several movie versions you can preview to see if it is appropriate for your child.

There are some intense characters such as the wolf Fenris Ulf, the White Witch's captain, The White Witch and her dwarf.

Strobe and lighting projections and effects along with sound are used throughout.

The UCT stage is fairly intimate, with seating on three sides for the stage. The actors can come very close to the audience.

The sacrifice of Aslan the lion and his death at the hands of the White Witch with a knife. Aslan is reborn however in a glorious and uplifting way.

The final battle features many Narnia characters fighting and the White Witch turning them into stone. The White Witch is ultimately killed by Aslan, which is only partially seen but mostly depicted through vocals. Edmund is also wounded.

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The Magic Show is geared towards families with a wide range of illusions. Some of the tricks may include using everyday objects, small stage illusions, escapes, large illusions and audience participation. 


Attending theatre with you child




LOCATION 3605 South State Street South Salt Lake, UT 84115 Our building is on the east side of the street.
CONTACT & HOURS (801) 532-6000 •
Tuesday - Thursday 9:30am - 2:30am (open during theatre school & 1hr prior to showtimes)
Fridays 12:30pm - 5:30pm

PARKING Parking lots are on the North and South side of our building. There is also ample free street parking.

TICKETS MAINSTAGE Adults & Children: Single ticket prices are $14 YOUTHSTAGE Adults & Children: $9 NO BABIES or TODDLERS PERMITTED. All sales are final. We do not offer refunds.  

HOW DO I BUY TICKETS? You may either visit our website at or call our Box Office at 801-532-6000. We do not charge a servicing fee on either our website or through to Box Office.

HOW DO I GET MY TICKETS? All tickets, are held at the Box Office will-call to be picked up 30 minutes prior to show time.

What is the minimum age requirement for shows at your theatre? 4 years of age and up is the general recommendation of The Children’s Theatre. However parents will need to make the decision as to whether their child is old enough to enjoy the performance while not disturbing other audience members. Some shows may be more appropriate for older children, while other’s for younger. To see recommendations for a specific show please visit the show page on our website. Babies & toddlers will not be admitted. All patrons must have a ticket.

Can I exchange my tickets for another performance of the same show? Yes. You may exchange your tickets for a fee of $5.00 per exchange transaction. Exchange requests are subject to availability. You can only exchange for tickets within the same show title. We do not offer refunds. Exchanges must be made 48 hrs in advance of either the show you plan to see or the show your are exchanging tickets from.

Is there assigned seating? Seating is general admission. We recommend arriving 30 minutes in advance of the show to find your seats. Luckily there isn’t a bad seat in the house!

When should we arrive? Will Call and the theatre will open 30 minutes before our performances, our lobby will open 45 minutes prior to show time. 

How long is Intermission, and are there concessions available for purchase? Intermission typically lasts 15 minutes. There are concessions offered in the lobby before the performance and at intermission. We do allow food purchased on location into our theatre. NO OUTSIDE FOOD PERMITTED. UCT chooses concessions items that are specific for cleaning, noise and supporting the theatre.

Late Seating We strive to start our shows on time. In most cases we will seat latecomers at the first convenient break in the performance. Latecomers will be seated in designated seating. In the case of some performances we may not be able to seat you until intermission due to the orientation of our theatre.

What if I miss a performance? We are always sorry when our customer’s miss a show. It is our policy however to not submit refunds or exchanges for missed shows, as well as shows canceled due to inclement weather. 

Ticket Exchanges. If you know in advance you will be missing a performance feel free to call 48 hours in advance of the show to exchange your tickets, or consider sharing your tickets with a friends and introduce someone new to Utah Children’s Theatre. Exchange requests are subject to availability and there will be a $5.00 exchange fee issued per transaction. 

If you are a Season Member, and receive free ticket exchange you must give our Box office 48 hours advance notice. If you request an exchange less then 48 hours prior to the show you hope to see or exchange tickets from you will be charged the $5.00 exchange fee. Exchange requests are subject to availability.

A member of my group is in a wheelchair. Please contact 48hrs prior to the performance so that we may reserve seats next to the area we accommodate wheelchairs

The performances are property of The Children's Theatre or in partnership with licensing companies. Photography, video or audio recording of any kind is strictly prohibited by law. You may see an authorized photographer at our performances.

Are discounts or group rates given?
MAINSTAGE PRODUCTIONS: $2 off for groups of 10 - 24 and $4 off for groups of 25+. All tickets must be paid together as one transaction and for the same production. YOUTHSTAGE PRODUCTIONS: $1 off for groups of 10 - 24 and $2 off for groups of 25+. All tickets must be paid together as one transaction and for the same production.
We do offer discounts off the single ticket price to our Season Members.

May I redeem coupons or gift certificates online?
Gift Certificates can be redeemed online, by phone or in person. UCT does not receive your GC number. It is automatically generated and sent to the email provided upon checkout. Online coupon codes must be redeemed online. Other promotions must be redeemed at the box office.


Going to the theater might seem a lot like going to the movies, but there is one big difference: the actors are performing for you live onstage, and they can see and hear what goes on in the audience just as you can see and hear them.

Coming to the theatre is a special experience, one that you will remember for a lifetime. Everyone in the audience has been looking forward to seeing the performance just as much as you have, so it’s very important to remember the rules of theater etiquette. 

Clap when you see or hear something you like. Applauding for the actors is a way you can show them how much you enjoyed it. Applause is a sound actors love to hear! 
If you think something is funny, go ahead and laugh. If something is sad and you feel like crying, you can do that too.
Go to the bathroom before the show. Avoid leaving your seat until intermission.
Do your part, throw away your garbage, nobody likes a litterbug.

Our stage allows audience members to be right up close to the actors. Audience members should respect the actors space by keeping off the stage.
Do not reach out to touch actors.
Do not speak to the actors during the performance.
Do not touch set pieces or props
Don’t talk during the performance. If you need to speak, please whisper as not disturb others sitting around you.
Do not kick the seat in front of you.

What should I do with my electronics?
Shut them all off. Turn off cell phones and beepers/pagers during a performance. Part of the fun is imagining you are really in the story, an electronic sound can take others out of the story and that’s no fun.

Can I take photos during the show?
No. It’s forbidden by law. Audiotape and videotape recording is also forbidden. If you’re caught, you’ll be asked to leave. Flash photos are actually dangerous to the actors, who may be temporarily blinded by the flash.

Can I bring my own snacks to the show?
No outside food is permitted.

What should I do if my children are restless during the show? 
Chronically noisy or loud children should be taken out of the auditorium. It’s only fair to those around you. If a crying child does not respond to soothing, take the child to the lobby. 

Can I bring my baby to the theatre?
No. Babies are not permitted. Babies can be unpredictable and noisy, distrating others in the audience and the actors on stage.

What should I do if I arrive late?
Don’t push your way into the theatre or demand to be seated immediately. Latecomers will be seated an an appropriate interval. The ushers and the house manager usually work out when is the next moment when people entering the theatre will cause the least disruption. Please check the time of the performance.

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