Packed Snacks

Price is for one snack break. Change the quantity to include snack for each day you want your child to have a snack.


If a student is taking one class, 5 snacks per week is typical. If a student is taking two classes, 10 snacks per week are usually purchased. If you are purchasing for multiple weeks, please select the dates individually so we have an accurate inventory of the snacks we need to purchase for each week.


The Packed Snack includes 3 - 4 items. No soda or candy will be offered. Below is a sample of what may be offered. It may vary from week to week based on availability.

1 Drink (Students choose a Water Bottle, Milk/Chocolate Milk or Juice)

1 Fruit (Typically an apple or orange)

1 Chips or Salty Snack

Either Fruit Snack, String Cheese or both instead of another item