Pinkalicious Audition Timeframe Scheduler


Callbacks will be at 6:30 pm on Monday March 13 at the theatre.

If you have tap shoes, please bring them.

Callback List

Brandon Smith

Justin DaBell

John O'Driscoll

Trisha Gelder

Janice Munk

Madeline Thatcher

Morgan Western

Katie Raleigh

Crystal Ahlemann

Kaylee Wheeler

Alina Smith

Ellie Gilliot

Jana Lynne Cox

Maddox Thompson

Tennessee Tarrant

Luke Vayo

Ryan Hoskins

Garrett Stephenson



PERFORMANCES: April 22nd -  May 27th. Fridays at 7pm and Saturdays 1pm & 4:30pm

This is a dance heavy show. Please keep that in mind while you audition. 


** NOTE We have not decided on wither we will cast certain roles as children or young adult actors. Please see age requirements before you audition.** 

PINKALICIOUS - Female - Child Actor ages 10-17  or  Adult Actor ages 18-23

PETER - Male - Child Actor ages 10-17 or  Adult Actor ages 18-23

MRS. PINKERTON - Female - Adult Actor 25-40

MR. PINKERTON - Male - Adult Actor ages 25-40 

DR. WINK - Female or Male - Adult Actor ages 25-40

ALISON - Female - Child Actor ages 10-17  or  Adult Actor ages 18-23




PINKALICIOUS – an energetic little girl who loves the color pink and pink cupcakes. Very funny, and a comedian. 

PETER - her younger brother who would rather eat cupcookie cakes and feels that Pinkalicious gets all of the attention. He is a ham, silly and a very strong comedian.

MRS. PINKERTON  – Pinkalicious’s organic-minded and busy mother

MR. PINKERTON  – Pinkalicious’s pinkaphobic father

DR. WINK - Pinkalicious’s pediatrician who is very excited about diagnosing pinkititis

ALISON – Pinkalicious’s best friend who also wants to be pink. The quintessential best friend, loyal and fun.

BIRDS – love to flap wings and sing and dance and think Pinkalicious is a flower
BEES – love to buzz and sing and dance and think Pinkalicious is a flower
BUTTERFLIES – love to sing and dance and think Pinkalicious is a flower


Pinkalicious loves pink and wants everything in her life to be pink. Her dream is to radiate pink. After over indulging in pink cupcakes, she wakes up pink. She is thrilled to be pink and have her dream come true. Her parents take her to the doctor, and she is diagnosed with pinkititis. On the way home, Pinkalicious plays at the playground but is attacked by birds and bees when she is mistaken for a pink flower. Her best friend doesn’t even recognize her as she is camouflaged in the garden. At home, she eats another cupcake, and the next morning she wakes up red and develops pink eye pinkititis whereby she can only see the color pink. Now she must do something to fix her predicament. She bravely follows the doctor’s order to eat green food. Due to her new resolve, Pinkalicious is transformed back to normal. Pinkalicious has learned self-control and to be careful for what you wish for. Her brother, on the other hand, has eaten the last cupcake, turns pink, and shouts with glee: Pink-A-Boo!