Theatre Guild Member Dues

It’s $10 per person, or $30 per family.


I love Utah Children’s Theatre!

Great! We love you too. 


What can I do right now to support UCT?

Yes you can! Attending our shows or enrolling your child in classes is awesome. Giving donations and telling other people, social networking and inviting friends really makes an impact.


I want to be more involved, can I? How?

If you want to take it a step further you can join our Theatre Guild. This is a grassroots organization of actors, parents and patrons dedicated to supporting the theatre.


Theatre Guild huh? What do they do?

The Theatre Guild was organized in 2012 when UCT moved into it’s new theatre. While the scope of support may “morph” over time, currently there are three focused areas. 


Tell me more…

Okay, the Theatre Guild provides a lunch for the actors once every show run. About 8 lunches every year. Second they do service projects about once a month during the monthly meeting. This could be making buttons, cleaning or painting. Last, the Guild supports marketing, placing posters, “man-ing” a booth at an event and finding advertisers for our programs. 


Sounds good, I like it. What if I can’t attend all the meetings and events?

That is understandable. The goal is to build the number of guild members so responsibility doesn’t fall all on a few shoulders. We need more members so it will be easier to help UCT. 


Okay, you’ve got me convinced. How do I join?

Please email our coordinator Emily Parker ( and she will add you to the communications list as well as sending out the minutes from each meeting. 


What kind of emails should I expect?

Typically you will receive email reminders about upcoming meetings, sign up for lunches and requests to help in marketing and events.


Oh, and where are the meetings held?

Most are held at the theatre, however sometimes the Guild wants to eat, so occasionally they will meet at a convenient location with good food.