Thursday Acting Classes 2016-2017

Thursday acting classes:

 Time Class Title Cost
4:30 pm Theatre Beginnings $45 per month
4:30 pm Acting 1 and Acting 2 $45 per month
6:30 pm Acting 1-2 and Acting 3 $45 per month

To sign up for a class, simply pay the first month's tuition. An email requesting registration information will be sent separately. Second semester Thursday classes start on February 2.

Acting Class Descriptions:

Theatre Beginnings, Acting 1, Acting 2 and Acting 3 are acting classes that explore acting techniques, creativity, improv, and imagination. Students will learn how to speak clearly, create characters, and become comfortable working with and in front of others. Theatre games and exercises will be used to teach skills in a fun and interactive way.

Which class should my child take? Theatre Beginnings is for ages 4-5. Acting 1 is for ages 6-7, Acting 2 is for Ages 8-10, Acting 1-2 is for ages 6-10, and Acting 3 is for ages 11-18.

Since these are age-based courses, please sign up for the appropriate class for your child's age. A more advanced younger student may only be moved into an older class with instructor evaluation and approval. The Acting 1, 2 and 3 classes are designed on a 3-year curriculum.

We also offer Musical Theatre classes for ages 6 to 18 at 5:30 pm. Many students take both Acting and Musical Theatre. Get a discount on both classes by using our combo option!

Theatre School will take the following breaks:
Oct 18-20 for UEA
Nov 22-24 for Thanksgiving Break
December 27-29 for Christmas break
Mar 28-30 for Spring Break


For questions about classes, please email Jana Cox at or call 801-647-3803.

Utah Children's Theatre reserves the right to split, cancel or combine classes based on enrollment.

All classes are taught at 3605 S. State Street in South Salt Lake.